The Heartwarming Stories of Dogs Too Kind to be Tough

Exploring the softer side of man's best friend.


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Some dogs are just not cut out for sniffing out trouble or fighting crime, but they can still be loving, adorable and loyal pets. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) Canine Training Center is inviting families to adopt dogs who were too kind to be tough and did not meet the requirements to become TSA dogs. These gentle souls possess a unique charm that goes beyond barks and bites, Newsweek reports. 

Embracing kindness in a world of toughness
The TSA trains some 300 canines every year, and to date there are more than 1,000 TSA canine teams deployed nationwide. These dogs are highly trained in detecting explosives and play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of transport systems in the US.  

But according to Fox 5, some dogs are too nice or rambunctious to be security dogs. The TSA has created an adoption program, to make these dogs available to the public for adoption. "Dogs available for adoption are ones that do not meet the TSA Canine Training Center criteria for government work. These dogs are highly active and in most cases, untrained and not house-broken, but with proper training and care, they can be a great addition to families," the TSA publicized on its Website. 

The dogs in the adoption program are often full of energy and affection, each one with their own charm, personality and story. Although the dogs did not make the final cut for official duty, it has not impacted their ability to become loving and loyal. 

Finding forever homes
The application process is strict, to make sure that dogs are matched perfectly with their adoptive families. WKFR reports on the TSA requirements to qualify for the program. 

Adoptive families must have the following: a fenced-in yard at the time of applying,  no intention of moving within six months of adopting a dog, homes must abide by all local pet ordinances, agree to provide the dog with appropriate medical care, exercise, training, and companionship. In addition, all existing pets in the home must have current vaccinations and preventive care and the age of children in the home will be taken into consideration when selecting a dog.

And finally, after approval, adoptive families would have to travel to San Antonio, Texas to pick up their dog in person and receive detailed information about the dog, including medical records and preventive supplies.

Adopting one of these exceptional dogs takes patience and commitment, but it is definitely worth the wait. "It would create a false expectation to tell the general public that they may adopt TSA explosive-detection canines at any time, as some people have been waiting years to do so," a TSA spokesperson told Newsweek.

For more information about the TSA canine adoption program, click here

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