Hide an Easter Egg Virtually Anywhere in the World

The Cadbury Worldwide Hide brings Easter joy to all.


Hide an Easter Egg Virtually Anywhere in the World | The Cadbury Worldwide Hide brings Easter joy to all.

As spring arrives, a warm sun beckons people outside. During Easter, families traditionally gather in gardens and parks to hunt for chocolate eggs. Although it may not be possible for families to meet up this year, Cadbury has a sweet solution. They invite you to hide an Easter egg virtually, then send your loved one on a hunt!

Called “Cadbury Worldwide Hide,” this campaign aims to help people feel close when they cannot be together, according to Cadbury. Now in its second year, the concept is simple, yet touches at the heart of the Easter experience. 

Instead of the Easter egg hunt being all about receiving the egg, Cadbury’s goal is to focus on the act of generosity in hiding the egg, complete with the slogan “Show you care, hide it.”

The world is a big place and using Google Street View, Cadbury encourages you to select a special spot to hide your egg. Use your imagination; choose the place of your first date, a favorite family vacation spot, or a much-loved local bistro.

Register online, select that special location, and send your loved one a clue. Then the free world-wide search begins! Although you can send just one egg and one clue per person, you can hide as many Easter eggs as you want. Those living in the UK can even have the chocolate egg delivered after it has been found.

Cadbury created the first modern chocolate Easter egg back in 1875 by developing a delicious treat from pure cocoa butter molded into an egg shape. Their chocolate egg shell with a soft fondant in the center is so popular in Britain, it accounts for 10 percent of the annual chocolate spend in the UK, with 80 million chocolate eggs sold each year, according to Love Food.

Showing adaptability in times of social distancing, Cadbury will not let their chocolate egg fans down in 2021. Markéta Kristlová of Mondelēz International told Net Imperative, “This year, we felt it was important for us to create something that would help people feel close, even when they cannot be together. There is something so generous in taking the time to hide an egg at Easter and we wanted to capture that in a way everyone could do.”

Cadbury is using technology to shift the Easter egg tradition to an online ritual. They are harnessing media channels including Twitter, Instagram, TV, YouTube, and video on demand, and also encourage chocolate lovers to share their special hiding places on social media complete with the hashtag #Worldwide Hide.

This sweet opportunity awakens the imagination, stirs nostalgia, and sparks Easter joy. Come Easter, you too can share this new twist on an age-old tradition with the ones you love.

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