Home Depot Donates $50 Million to Train 20,000 Workers

Building a promising future


The Home Depot store entrance on July 24, 2013 in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

(Niloo / Shutterstock.com)

Two months ago, Home Depot took steps to empower construction workers and homeowners alike.

The home improvement chain 
donated $50 million to train as many as 20,000 construction workers over the next ten years, a move that may increase jobs, home building, and lower, or stabilize housing prices.

What’s more, their education branch, The Home Builders Institute, is putting the money towards their training programs for veterans and U.S. army soldiers post service completion, high school students, and disadvantaged youth.

The company aims to give back to soldiers who have served their country, and their investment adds to their $250 donation to provide veterans with housing.

Through the program, candidates learn carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, framing and more, enabling them to land jobs where they can earn a livable wage and learn new skills.

CEO of The Home Builders Institute, John Courson, says soldiers are especially deserving of this opportunity and they often excel in the industry.

“They love to work with their hands, they work well in a team and they’re used to being outdoors and the elements,” he said.

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