The Invention that Inspired a 335% Increase in Blood Donations

The Azerbaijan-based Donor Cable Project dramatically helped children affected by thalassemia gain better access to blood transfusions

Blood donations save lives.

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Donating blood saves lives around the world - this is a known fact. But what's a country in need of more donations to do? An inspiring creative solution was devised recently in Azerbaijan, the country with the highest rate of children born with the blood disorder thalassemia. In an effort dubbed "Donor Cable Project," telecom company Nar Mobile created a device that can "donate" battery power between two smartphones. Printed on each cable - which also turns into a bracelet- is the message “donate energy to save a phone, donate blood to save a life.”
Taking it a step further, Nar teamed up with the Azerbaijan national blood donation center and gave away free battery donation bracelets to whoever purchased an Android at local Nar stores around the country. Blood donations vans were strategically placed outside the stores so that anyone who had read the message on the bracelet could directly go and become a donor.
The initiative spread like wildfire, receiving widespread press from news outlets, celebrities and politicians. The results speak for themselves - blood donations increased by an astounding 335%, showing how a mix of ingenuity and creativity can trigger much positive change.

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