How Global Platform Ghana Empowers Youth and Women in Africa

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(Global Platform Ghana)

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Global Platform Ghana is a non profit organization made up of local and international staff who work as a youth training hub for empowerment and activism in Ghana. The crucial organization trains local women with essential skills and expertise to combat poverty and injustices in their communities - while also aiding them to challenge local government officials and decision makers to serve their best interests.

The staff works closely with these women, offering them a legitimate opportunity to break the cycle of impoverishment and, by the complete contrary, assist them in propelling their communities and individuals in a direction that creates social change with a vision of making a difference on a global scale.

The Global Platform Ghana was in the major viral spotlight recently with their powerful rendition of the song "I can't keep quiet' for the Women's March.

They have since used the momentum from all the positive attention, continuing their imperative work for women's rights in Ghana and all over the world.

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