Make Your Voice Heard For International Women's Day

#HerVoiceIsMyVoice empowers us all

Mar 8, 2017
Make Your Voice Heard For International Women's Day | #HerVoiceIsMyVoice empowers us all

March 8 is International Women's Day and to celebrate the strength of individual women all over the world, YouTube launched a special social good campaign dubbed #HerVoiceIsMyVoice.

The platform wants to turn up the volume on female voices from all walks of life and honor the impact they have on all of our lives. To make sure that all voices are heard, YouTube invites content creators across the globe to use the hashtag to share a video of a woman whose story moves and inspires them and had an impact on their lives.

The goal is to "shine a brighter light on the incredible and strong women within the YouTube community," Danielle Tiedt, Chief Marketing Officer at YouTubesaid in a blog post.

And if you're looking for some inspiration yourself, the people at YouTube put together a massive multi-lingual playlist featuring dozens of inspiring women from showrunner Issa Rae to Malala Yousafzai.

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