How to Create a Mini Wellness Retreat At Home

While you’re practicing self-quarantine, why not treat yourself to these self-care rituals by creating a mini wellness retreat at home?


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Our busy schedules often cause us to neglect personal wellbeing. Even when our bodies tell us to take a break, we often keep pushing through. But research shows the importance of taking the time to slow down and rest in order to maintain good physical health and a positive outlook. When we take good care of ourselves, we can then care for those around us as well.  

Even when you can’t take a trip to a spa or distant beach to unwind, you can create a mini wellness retreat to relieve stress and set new patterns for self-care. Connect to a healthier self and try these mini at-home wellness routines to put your best self forward.

Take mental inventory

When most people think of wellness, they often think of physical health. But wellness encompasses more than just exercise, nutrition, or weight management. It includes a holistic approach that involves caring for physical health, yes, but also mental and spiritual well being. 

How often do you take the time to assess your current state of mind? Take inventory of what you need to make yourself feel better. Listen to your gut. Ask what you need and what lacks. Perhaps you need more sleep. Maybe you’d like to spend more time with your significant other or loved ones. Sometimes you just need a little quiet time to yourself in solitude. Make a list of the things you’d like to do for yourself and give yourself the gift to do those things today. 

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Make time for joy

Sometimes our lives get so busy that we don’t spend enough time doing the things we love. Do you have a few activities in your life that bring you joy? Maybe you love baking cookies, drawing, or sitting in the sunshine. Make this day about you and do three activities that you enjoy. 

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Create a thoughtful day

Evidence-based research shows the benefits of writing down stressful life experiences to increase positivity and improve self-esteem. Set aside a day for yourself to tune into your thoughts and emotions by writing them down. Consider some of these journaling activities to open up and heal:

  • Make a list of your strengths and recent achievements for a confidence boost
  • Dive into your emotional state. Write down how you feel and explore some of the possible causes to promote self-reflection and healing.
  • Practice gratitude by making a list of things you feel thankful for in your life.
  • Define your goals and get clear on the direction you’d like to take in your life by writing them down. Neuroscientists have found that writing down goals makes it more likely to achieve them! 

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Set up a DIY spa treatment

Using natural remedies at home, you can create your own mini spa. Create DIY treatments to heal skin naturally using some of the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Light some candles, put on relaxing music, and soak in a bubble bath for an hour. (A long bath has many health benefits like soothing respiration, clearing skin, and relaxing muscles.) Set aside a mini stretching or yoga session at home to enjoy perks similar to massage therapy.

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Enjoy a meditation session

Monks in Asia have practiced meditation for centuries, and today scientists have uncovered proof of the advantages of quietly focusing the mind to improve mental health. There are many types of meditation. Some involve sitting or laying down quietly while observing thoughts or breathing. Tai chi and yoga provide excellent active meditation ideas. You can also find plenty of free apps with guided meditations for at-home wellness.

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Get inspired!

Scrolling through social media too much or turning on the TV floods you with so much information, and often, bad news. While it makes sense to stay informed, it can also cause a lot of mental chaos if you spend too much time focusing on the negative. 

It’s good to keep perspective and remember that there is also good out there. Take a break from the bad news for a day and get inspired. Tune into positive podcasts and motivational speakers. Pick up a book that makes you feel spiritually inspired and calm. Boost your mood and mental wellbeing with a day fully devoted to getting inspired.

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