How To Get A Free Boost of Hope in 30 Seconds

Project Hope Exchange collects, aggregates and shares encouraging messages to help you navigate life's challenges.

There's always hope.

There's always hope (Cristina Conti /

We all have times when we need a little hope, to help get through the ups and downs of life. With that in mind, Project Hope Exchange wants to make sure everyone can find that all-important morale boost right when they need it, with an online collection of 30-second encouraging audio messages.
The concept is simple – anyone can record a message of hope, which will then be freely available on the Project Hope Exchange website. People in need of inspiration can then select to hear an "adversity" specific recording, broken down into sub-categories under physical health, mental health and life's challenges. The best messages share personal stories of overcoming hard times, encouraging listeners that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Messages can be recorded by dialing 1855-975-HOPE, or via the website.
Of course, it's not just the recipients that benefit from the Life Vest Inside and A2A Alliance collaboration – the hope givers also enjoy a "helper's high," which studies have found releases feel-good endorphins into the body. A natural win-win of good doing.  

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