How to Keep Pets Warm in Cold Weather

Tips to keep your pet snug inside and out.


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Shih Tzu dog wearing a warm sweater.

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While you may enjoy cold weather activities like snowball fights or sledding. Your pets may not share your enthusiasm. When the weather gets frightful. Make sure you know how to keep your fur babies warm, cozy, and safe from the elements, reported the BBC. Here are some tips on how to take care of indoor and outdoor pets in the winter months.


Keep your indoor pets warm and safe this winter with these seven hacks:

Proper exercise
When the weather is cold, your pup may not want to spend time outdoors. That’s when you have to take your dog  on shorter more frequent walks. But you should make sure that he is getting enough exercise and attention.  Play fetch or tug or any other stimulating game to get exercise and keep away the zoomies.

Keep your pets warm with extra blankets
Your pet wants to stay snug too. Leave extra blankets on your couch, bed, or anywhere you fur baby likes to be, according to The Water Bowl blog from Embrace pet insurance. Small dogs and cats will nest and burrow in the blankets to stay warm and cozy.

Dress your pet warmly
Dress your pet for the weather. Fur babies with short hair or fur can get easily cold in the winter. You can choose from sweaters, rain resistant coats, warm socks, and boots. Try the outfit on to make sure it fits and is comfortable.

Buy a warm pet bed
Pet beds will keep your furry family members off the floor and snug as a bug. You can find really warm beds with fleece linings or put a fleece blanket on the bottom of the bed for added warmth. Older pets with arthritis can have difficulty with colder temperatures. There are even cat beds that are made to fit over radiators to keep your feline warm and toasty.

Wash and dry paws
After your pet goes outdoors, make sure you wash and dry their paws, according to a blog from Vets Now emergency vet services. Make sure that you are protecting your animals from salt and other de-icing chemicals that can hurt their paws. You can also protect their paws with paw balm or Vaseline.

Protect from Antifreeze
Another hazard to keep your pets safe from is antifreeze. This chemical can leak from a cars’ radiator or from cleaning windshields. People can also scrape antifreeze into the road when removing snow and ice from cars, according to a blog on MetLife pet Insurance.  Call your veterinarian if you believe your pet has ingested antifreeze.

Check your dryer
Cats seek out warm places and that could include your dryer, according to Embrace. So get into the habit of checking your dryer before you turn it on. Prevention is always best so don’t leave your dryer door open or unattended.

Cat sleeping in her warm bed.

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Outdoor pets also need protection from extreme cold tempertures:

Insulate outdoor dog houses
Make sure that your outdoor pet is well protected from the weather by keeping his house well insulated with a weather flap in the front. Use insulated bedding material like blankets, straw, or wood shavings. Make sure that your dog or cat house is big enough for them to fit in but not too large that their body heat will escape.

Feed your pets for the season
Pets that are kept outside for the winter require more energy and calories to keep them warm, according to Vets Now. It’s best to check with your vet to fins out what food your pet needs. Also, check your pets’ water bowl to make sure that the water hasn’t frozen. make sure to change the water frequently.

Check your car
Outdoor cats also seek out warm spots and may look for heat under your car or even in the engine compartment if there is a way in. Always check under your car and under the hood to make sure there are no fearless felines about.