How to Live in the Kriya Energy Flow

When you live in kriya, creativity and abundance flow effortlessly.


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How do you find the right path in life? It all starts with awareness. When you become fully aware, you live in the flow, moment to moment. You tune into your inner voice, gain clarity, and take aligned action in pursuit of your purpose. In Hindu and yogic traditions, it’s called kriya, and when you learn to live in the kriya state, your life flows effortlessly.

Kriya Versus Karma

Picture your life like a highway, a journey to follow your soul’s purpose. Along the way, you find yourself along twists, turns, and round-abouts. You see different exit signs. You hit dead-ends. That was Kriya and Karma in action showing you your way, giving you the clues you want to follow according to Medium.

Have you ever found yourself in a rut? Those times when life seems to work against you. Nothing seems to go your way, and you keep hitting dead ends. That is your karma.

You’ve probably heard of karma; something like what goes around, comes around. This Sanskrit word has many meanings. In this case, think of karma as the universe’s way to guide you to live in line with your soul’s purpose.

In an episode of the Highest Self Podcast, best-selling author Sahara Rose explains: Karma is basically the bounded action. It’s the universe, playing back towards you, allowing you to either flow or putting blocks against you if you’re not going on your path of your dharma, your life’s purpose.”

Karma happens when you don’t tune into your truth. It can start as a whisper, then grow to a nudge, then a push, and eventually a collision. It will speak louder and louder until you listen. The trick: to listen to the gentle whisper before it becomes too loud to ignore. 

Once you listen to your karma, you shift into the kriya state. Think about those times when things went smoothly. You find yourself in the right place, at the right time. Life just feels right, and doors seem to magically open. Creativity and inspiration stream through you. You are in the flow. That is kriya.

When you live in kriya, your actions align with your soul’s purpose. You trust that the road of life is leading you exactly where you need to go. You open your life to limitless energy, inspiration, and ideas.  Life should feel like kriya. It’s meant to be enjoyed. But many people get stuck, banging into their karma, without listening to their guiding intuition. It takes awareness to get back into the flow.

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Finding Awareness

Your level of awareness decides whether you live in a state of kriya or karma. Prem Nirmal is a holistic counselor and kriya yogi. In his video, he explains: “People who are absolutely aware, whatever karma they do, their awareness converts into kriya… Full awareness: All kriya, no karma. No awareness: no kriya, only karma. In between awareness: some portion of kriya, some portion karma. You’ll get the results according to your awareness.”

All it takes is one shift in consciousness to move from karma to kriya, for the entire path to illuminate itself. You will begin to unlock the kriya state, and its limitless potential to create and manifest. Then you can let your light illuminate the world!

When you want to find your way, look inward and listen. Kriya yoga, meditation, mantras, walking in nature are all kinds of quiet activities that can help you listen into your inner voice.

Sometimes you need to think less, and feel more. Turn the focus inward. Become more attune to what your body tells you. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you fully present for your loved ones? Does your career match with your core values?

Everyone has a different path in life. Rather than chase the path of others, listen to your guiding voice within. The set plan, the play-by-play, for life doesn’t exist. There are infinite roads you can take, and each will unlock different potentials at different times. The moment you feel yourself drifting off the path, it’s time to realign yourself. 

When you trust the process, you live with fluidity. When you gain clarity, you take aligned action in pursuit of your purpose and life becomes a beautiful journey.

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