How to Make Oatmilk  

This recipe is easy, quick and uses only two ingredients- and one of them is water!

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Have you ever wanted to make your own oat milk? Whether it’s something you've been considering or it's the first time you've thought about it, this recipe is sure to win you over. It’s the perfect dairy-free DIY. All you need is two ingredients, a blender and five minutes of your time and, ta-da, you’ll have some deliciously fresh oat-milk right in your kitchen.

How to make oat milk
The only two ingredients in this recipe from the Minimalist Baker blog are rolled oats and water. You first take 1 cup of rolled oats and pour them in a blender along with four cups of water. Run it at high speed for 30-45 seconds. For the creamiest and smoothest consistency, you can then strain it through a clean t-shirt, towel or cheese rag. This oat milk can be enjoyed in coffee, with cereal, oatmeal and many more foods. You can also choose to add vanilla or other powders or extracts that will give it flavoring. 

This home-made oatmeal can last up to five days if sealed and in the fridge. The pulp, which is the thick mixture left over after straining the milk, can be used for lots of recipes. Here are a few ideas from the Minimalist Baker you might want to try, including cookies, muffins, brownies and apple crisp.  And guess what? If you feel a bit gutsy, you can even use the pulp to make yourself a face-mask for great skin benefits.  And it’s all dairy-free! 

The benefits of homemade oat milk
In addition to being able to enjoy the freshness of it all, this recipe of homemade oat milk has no preservatives and uses only healthy ingredients. According to Downshiftology blog, oat milk keeps gaining popularity and can be found in any coffee shops as the dairy-free, vegan and nut-free milk option. 

According to PTSkills, the  benefits of oat milk include it being high in fiber and a cholesterol-free option, and it also has some bone-strengthening minerals. Making your own homemade oat milk can be cost-effective and fun to make. Making your oat milk at home can also help the environment, as you save on the packaging and maybe even a plastic shopping bag. 

All in all, choosing to make your own oat milk at home can be an excellent choice if you are looking for an easy, DIY, dairy-free milk option that is also eco-friendly, cost-effective and customizable. Enjoy it!

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