How to Optimize Your Digital Diet

Tips to enhance your digital consumption regimen for wellness and wellbeing.

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In today’s digital world, chances are your online activities and digital consumption takes up a large part of your day and perhaps your life. It doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, in fact, there are many benefits to the digital world. 

At the same time, just like it is important to be careful and mindful of the food you consume and your dietary choices, reported New Scientist, it is equally important to consider and curate your daily digital diet. By implementing some strategies, you can optimize your digital consumption habits for your health and wellbeing. 

Types of digital consumption
According to news from the movieguide organization, there are many types of digital consumption, such as social media, online entertainment, emails, and more. Constantly reading negative news, for example, can be challenging for your mood and boost feelings of anxiety, fear and depression. At the same time, a person might be consuming positive digital content, but they could be overdoing the amount of screen time. 

The amount of screen time you have can affect your brain, eyes, mental health and general health, according to Ohio State Health & Discovery. It can even affect the quality of your sleep. Thankfully, there are lots of strategies to help you not overdue the time you spend on your digital devices, as well as keeping the type of content you consume as healthy for you as possible. 

Mindful digital consumption strategies

One of the top terms psychologists use when discussing mental health is boundaries. Boundaries are there to secure healthy relationships, according to PsychCentral, and this is true about your relationship with your digital devices and online platforms as well. Social media and other online entertainment platforms can be so entertaining that they can become a black hole, sucking your time with mindless scrolling and hours upon hours of screen time. 

Remember that you have a choice in this. You are more powerful than you think. And you can even set timers and download apps that help you track your digital use and block you from spending more time on your devices than you want. 

You can also create a digital curfew for yourself. According to the Wellbeing People website, all you need to do is choose a time, like at meals, and disconnect from your devices at that time. Experiencing gadget-free meal times can be extremely rewarding and healthy for the entire family. 

 You are in charge of your life and you can choose your surroundings and environment. This is true in the real world as well as in the digital world. Choose to spend your online time in places that make you feel good, like Goodnet, and implement mindful consumption strategies. Enjoy your time offline and meal times with family and friends. Prioritizing your physical and mental health is important, and you deserve to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable quality of life. 

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