How to Run a Conference That Feels Like a Summer Camp

Green & Away tented conference center is all about eco-conservation.


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Located in the lush green countryside of rural Worcestershire, UK, Green & Away looks like a summer music festival. With tents and marquees of all shapes and sizes made of recycled canvas, hazelwood, and willow, the vibe is decidedly hippy. Less obvious to the casual observer is Green & Away’s mission, to promote environmental conservation and economic and social studies to people from the UK and around the world.

So, how does a campsite work towards this mission? Well, first - it’s not just a campsite. Green & Away is an educational charity which provides an outdoor, eco-friendly, tented venue for a diverse array of conferences and events. By renting the unique campsite, businesses and organizations can give participants the experience of sustainable living and working as part of their conferences.

The extent of the eco-consciousness at Green & Away is impressive to say the least. The campsite uses renewable energy and low-impact technologies, including a mini field of solar panels. The kitchen is vegetarian and the cafe is in a tent (of course!), the toilets compost human waste for use on non-edible plants and the outdoor showers are powered by wood fires. And with an artist-in-residence, the site is very easy on the eye.

Green & Away staff, volunteers and interns rebuild the campsite every summer and take it down afterward - always making sure to leave the meadow in better condition than they found it. In an increasingly fast-paced world, the alternative venue is a lovely showcase of how sustainability and modern life can mesh together - at least for the duration of a conference!

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