How to Turn a Smartphone into an Eye Examination Kit

Peek turns a smartphone into portable kit that may be the ticket to eliminating avoidable blindness.

Jun 10, 2015

Peek Retina is an adapter that makes it possible to look inside the eye - via a smartphone. [Screenshot]

Here’s an astounding fact for you: 80% of global blindness is avoidable. Around the world, people living in underserved regions are left untreated, due to a shortage of appropriate eye care technology and personnel.
Looking to change that statistic is Peek mobile application. Specialists and doctors worked together to create a cutting-edge app and lens adapter that serves as an affordable and easy-to-use system for testing eyes. The technology can view the retina with high quality imaging, see cataracts clearly for classification, test vision and color and simulate a patient’s eyesight on screen.
Standing for Portable Eye Examination Kit, this game-changer will empower remote healthcare workers and regions where traditional methods for checking eyes are out-of-date or inaccessible. Peek allows images to be easily shared with experts and stores patient information so that it can be quickly referenced. Awaiting certification in the EU and FDA approval in the US, the app is already up and running in low-cost in places like Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania and Mali.  As Peek gains momentum, the smartphone turned eye examination kit will be well on its way to making avoidable blindness obsolete.

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