If the Shoe Fits, Keep Wearing It!

New shoes grow three sizes to fit your growing child.

May 26, 2023
If the Shoe Fits, Keep Wearing It! | New shoes grow three sizes to fit your growing child.

How many parents have been frustrated by their children’s growth spurts, especially when it comes to new shoes that fit one day but are too small the next? But that’s likely to change. An Indian startup, Aretto, has developed patented shoes that grow three sizes with your child’s foot.

A brand that caters to children's footwear, Aretto has revolutionized the industry by seamlessly integrating technology into their designs and materials, reported the Financial Express. Their shoes boast adaptive sizing, allowing for up to three size changes in a child’s shoe while ensuring optimal comfort. Aretto achieves this through its innovative insole technology, upper technology, and sole technology.

Notably, these shoes have received the seal of approval from podiatrists, guaranteeing their foot-friendly design, according to the company. The shoes offer remarkable 360-degree flexibility, excellent breathability, impressive durability, and effortless washability. In addition, Aretto prioritizes sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly materials in the construction of its shoes.

“At Aretto, style meets technology with comfort,” company co-founder & CEO, Satyajit Mittal told Financial Express. “We are a 100 percent Made in India brand. From design, sourcing, and manufacturing, we make it in India, for the world.” 

Origins of the brand
Aretto has been awarded a Utility Patent by the Indian Patent Office for its sole technology that allows the expansion of the shoe to accommodate the growing feet of its wearers, according to the Times of India.

The patent establishes Aretto as one of the pioneering brands in this segment worldwide, allowing them to carve out a distinctive position in India's footwear market.  Aretto has also filed for patents in over 20 countries, including the UK, US, and Japan, showcasing their commitment to global innovation.

This patent marks the second major achievement for Mittal, following his previous invention, SquatEASE, an award-winning Indian-style toilet seat with an elevated heel.

“We discovered that 1-in-3 children wears the wrong shoe size at any given time because feet grow while shoes don't,”  Krutika Lal, co-founder, and chief marketing officer of Aretto, told Financial Express. “While feet experience smooth millimetric growth, shoe sizes increase in steps. Consequently, shoes only fit perfectly for a brief period. We found that children between the ages of 0-3 often outgrow their shoes by 3-4 sizes within a year.”

Technological advantages
Aretto employs three key technologies in the production of their shoes, reported the Times of India. The first is SuperGrooves, an ingenious technology embedded in the sole that adapts to the millimetric growth of children's feet. These Y-grooves naturally expand as the feet grow, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

The second technology is Aretto Squishy Foam, a soft memory foam insole that enhances comfort and reduces pressure on the feet.

Lastly, they utilize InfiKnit, a stretchable and durable 3D knitted fabric, for the upper body of the shoes. Aretto's InfiKnit provides 360-degree flexibility and breathability, ensuring that children can wear the shoes comfortably throughout their usage cycle. 

This patented technology allows the shoes to grow with the kids.Aretto certainly has big shoes to fill.

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