IKEA Italy Gives Stray Dogs a Warm Home This Winter

An IKEA branch in Catania, Italy takes in stray dogs and gives them warm rugs to sleep on.


(Ivonne Wierink / Shutterstock.com)

IKEA is best known for their DIY-assemble pieces of furniture and home accessories like lamps, kitchenware, lamps, and rugs. Some of the rugs come with real dogs napping on them.

That's because the staff at the IKEA store in Catania, Italy have been letting stray dogs come in from the cold and warm-up as well as to receive food and pampering. There is an organization that spays and neuters the dogs and they are looked after by an animal welfare group. Some of the dogs have found their forever homes with IKEA customers.

A video taken by customer Martine Taccia who was shopping at the store one chilly day who was surprised to discover dogs snoozing around a living room display has gone viral on Facebook. Other Shoppers frequently post photos of the dogs on social media.

"My reaction was pure amazement," Taccia told The Dodo. "It's not a common thing." She was appreciative of the care and pampering the homeless dogs receive from the IKEA staff and customers.

Other customers had equally good things to say. "I felt a feeling of deep tenderness and great happiness in seeing dogs crouched in the exhibition space at the entrance of the IKEA," Beppe Liotta told The Dodo.

Giovanna Pecorino says she takes a photo of the dogs each time she visits the store. I know those dogs well," Pecorino, told Mother Nature Network. who "You find them at the entrance sleeping between the racks, or at the exit between the tables of their restaurant, always with their sweet eyes. I love them. They give me a sense of peace."

The Catania store does not advertise their kindness and this is not the official policy of the giant retailer.

IKEA is, however, a great advocate for helping homeless animals. In 2014, the company partnered with Home For Hope and placed cardboard cut-outs of pets in their furnishing displays. Last year, IKEA donated doll beds to shelter cats who were waiting to be adopted.

The Catania customers hope that this practice will spread to other stores. After all this positive publicity, maybe it will and that will be a big plus for man's best friend.

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