Innovative Fireworks Show Sparks Pure, Silent Magic

These lights float like fireflies.

Innovative Fireworks Show Sparks Pure, Silent Magic | These lights float like fireflies.

Fireworks are much loved around the world, and are showcased to mark weddings and celebrations. Children, especially, marvel at these bright lights in the sky.

But there are downsides to fireworks as they are toxic and polluting. On an emotional level, the explosive sound of fireworks can trigger anxiety, especially in those with PTSD, autism, and sound sensitivities, reported Insider. Now, there is a safer alternative to traditional fireworks.

An inspiring art show is blending wonder and sustainability with the goal of advancing a well-loved ritual. Studio Roosegarde, a Dutch design house, is now displaying its silent, organic fireworks show in Bilbao, Spain.

Sustainable celebrations
SPARK is an innovative solution for sustainable community celebrations, according to Studio Roosegaarde. When artist Daan Roosegaarde decided to invent an organic way of lighting fireworks, he was inspired by the glow of fireflies.

And so his creation resembles luminous, silent fireflies. It connects viewers with nature while imbuing a sense of wonder. Watching thousands of organic biodegradable sparks gently floating is poetic and magical, with the lights resembling rainbow dust, according to Mashable.

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SPARK debuted at the Wellbeing Summit 2022 on June first. As this summit is dedicated to inspire social and cultural change, as well as enhance wellbeing, it is an ideal venue to promote organic fireworks.

Traditional fireworks are unhealthy
Fireworks contain toxic metals like barium, lead, and strontium, which may lead to respiratory disease, according to National Geographic. This can put older people and small children at risk.

A study on The Fourth of July fireworks from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that particles from the fireworks can enter cells and lungs, impact air quality, and may exacerbate asthma.

SPARKS offer a healthy, and organic solution to traditional fireworks. Watching their enchanted display of glowing lights invites passersby to stop, look up at the sky, and wonder. In a noisy world, silence is part of the allure, while the gently floating lights beckon us to simply slow down and reconnect.

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