Instagram Photographers Channel Their Good Doing Side

Two initiatives are leveraging the photo sharing social network to connect talented photographers with nonprofits in need of an Instagram boost.

Jun 14, 2015

Your Instagram skills could help out nonprofits. 

Let us paint you a picture: You're sitting on the beach watching a gorgeous sunset. Impressed by the visuals, you make a move to grab your phone, capturing the moment and uploading it to Instagram, ensuring that your followers will be witness to this beautiful natural wonder. Sound familiar?
Your photo will join one of the 70 million pics shared each day as Instagram has morphed from an iOs app to a pictorial social network with serious clout.
Two initiatives are leveraging Instagram’s broad reach and channeling it into a force for good. Gramming for Good and Gramforacause are using the app to link nonprofits with Instagram photographers whose talent can be a tool for advocacy.
Serving as matchmaker, Gramming for Good is a nonprofit that connects Instagram photogs looking to give back to nonprofits whom are seeking ways to amplify their Instagram feed with a bit of creative direction or even a hashtag campaign.
Gramforacause also matches nonprofits with photographers for free, but additionally offers paid services that include comprehensive strategies to optimizing Instagram accounts, growing a following and even boosting fundraising.
Both Gramforacause and Gramming for Good have recently launched, joining a host of other causes that have jumped on the Instagram bandwagon to raise awareness and make a difference - one photo at a time. 

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