Introducing the First Vegan Poached Egg

This egg substitute even has a runny yoke!

This faux egg product was just introduced in the US.

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Today, there is a myriad of vegan products. You can buy faux, meat, milk, and even eggs. But while egg substitutes can be used in cooking and backing, it really doesn’t resemble a real egg, until now.

That’s because the Israeli food tech startup Yo Egg, has come up with a new vegan egg that actually has a runny yoke. It looks and tastes like a regular poached egg but it is made entirely out of plant-based products, reported Fast Company. It is what Yo Egg refers to as a “whole egg experience.”

What’s the hype about?
This faux egg product, created by chef Yosefa Ben Cohen, is made primarily from chickpeas and soy protein, with a few other healthy ingredients.  It is the first of its kind.

The startup’s cofounder and CEO Eran Groner told Fast Company that the push for the product came when Ben Cohen was hired by a restaurant chain to develop a vegan sunny side up egg. “People started coming to that place asking for just the egg,” he said. This product was actually made of tofu and pumpkin but was not like a real egg.

Ben Cohen came up with this new vegan egg that functioned like a real egg and when Groner tried it, he was all in. “This product tastes just like an egg. It looks like an egg. The texture and flavor and color, everything is just like an egg.” The product is simple to use, just boil and serve. And it is not possible to overcook these eggs.

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Yo Egg was founded in 2019, in the northern Israeli town of Pardes Hanna, reported The Times of Israel and is out to revolutionize the way the world produces and consumes eggs. No chicken needed!

Plant-based food is gaining in popularity
Plant-based – or alternative protein – foods are becoming increasingly popular but not just for vegans. Many vegetarians or flexitarians who eat little meat are turning to these plant-based proteins. People turn to these products for health reasons,  to protect the environment, as well as animal welfare concerns.

Israel’s plant-based food sector grew by almost 450 percent in 2021 and is exporting many of these innovative new products around the globe.

Yo Egg is being served in the Israeli breakfast chain Benedict and is served on the campuses of Google and Facebook, as well as a number of hotels, according to Fast. The startup recently launched its faux egg in Los Angeles, California.

The city was chosen because it is one of the most progressive food markets in the US, according to Groner. He told Fast Company, “We thought if we’re here to conquer brunch and breakfast and to own that space, then L.A. is probably the best place to start.”

The vegan poached eggs are already on the menu of six restaurants and growing. to Yo Egg’s goal is to be the world’s largest egg producer without chickens.

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