JetBlue is Paying it Forward – with Flights

The airline company started awarding a free flight to passengers who are out there to make a positive impact on the world - one flight at a time.


The official Flying it Forward luggage tag.

(Angel DiBilio/

The prospect of getting a free flight to a dream destination seems a bit unreal, right? Not if you ask the crew at JetBlue. The airline company has initiated the Flying It Forward program, which gives select passengers a free flight that they in turn pass on to someone else.
The program started when JetBlue crew members nominated individuals in their community; the first being Tameka who is the director of I Grow Chicago, a nonprofit that provides a safe haven to community members through yoga, meditation, urban agriculture and the arts. Tameka was invited to attend The World Conference on Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations held in New York City and used her free flight to travel there. The chain of good doing continued when Tameka gave her free ticket to Teena, who then passed it along to Peter.
Pay It Forward chains have been gaining momentum with such wonderful examples of stranger generosity like providing pizza for the homeless, Starbucks lattes and meals at a local diner.  
The JetBlue Flying It Forward program is seeking travelers that are looking to fulfill a dream, join a humanitarian effort or make a meaningful impact on the world. If you or anyone you know fits the bill, tweet your story here.