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Traveling with kids can be an exciting and enriching experience for the whole family. From exploring new destinations, to creating lasting memories together, embarking on a journey with little ones opens up a world of possibilities. 

On the other hand, it’s no secret that there are challenges to traveling with children. Adults may be itching to try out local cuisine, while their four-year old is just interested in the local chicken nuggets. Parents are looking to explore museums, while kids just want to explore the local playground. And, while both adults and children may want to befriend the locals when traveling, this just means that parents need to pick a location where the locals are open to hearing about unicorns and Minecraft. 

The world is a big place full of new things to see and do. Some of these places are more optimized than others for delivering an experience that is fun for both mom, dad, and the kids. These five countries rank well as family-friendly travel destinations.

Costa Rica
The Huffington Post suggests taking the children to the tropical paradise country of Costa Rica. Not only does Costa Rica feature beautiful beaches and breathtaking rainforests, it’s also packed to the brim with kid-friendly attractions.

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Travel blogger, Maria De la O, brought her children to Costa Rica and told HuffPost that they enjoyed snacking on the fresh fruit and seeing Costa Rica’s exciting wildlife. It helped that they planned their vacation around their childrens’ interests as well. “We of course stayed in hotels with pools and allowed at least an hour or two a day just for the kids to do that,” De la O explained. 

Mexico is fun for children of all ages, according to TODAY. Young and old alike will enjoy climbing around the Mayan ruins, swimming with dolphins and sea lions, visiting the theme parks, and enjoying the shows. 

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Mexico is also known for its resorts and beaches (some of which even offer babysitting, so mom and dad can go touring by themselves for a little).

Travel mom influencer Courtney Orgias toldHuffPost why to take kids to Toronto. “It’s a city with so much cultural diversity that there’s always something to do, indoor & outdoor,” Orgias explained. The city boasts dozens of child-friendly attractions, including a zoo, an aquarium, a ferry, picnic spaces, and amusement parks.

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And, Toronto isn’t Canada’s only kid-friendly destination. Montreal and Quebec City are also packed full of fun-for-the-whole-family activities.

InsideHook suggests bringing the family on a trip to Japan. The island country is packed with food, culture, and so much more for families to experience. It also boasts resorts and hotels that offer fun and comfort for adults and children.  

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Travel advisor Katherine Rogers tells InsideHook,  “Japan is its own island and extremely different from any other country — there’s really nothing like it. There is a lot of tradition here, and I love to gift kids of the families traveling here books about Japanese culture before they leave.”

Orgias tells HuffPost that she brought her young children to Morocco and they had a blast.  “When our kids were 9 months and 3 years we spent Christmas Day riding camels and hiking through the Atlas Mountains in Marrakech,” she shared. “It was such a surreal experience to be able to gift them with these amazing bucket list activities.”

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Morocco’s Marrekech is a city that caters to children and includes an interesting mix of cultures, while the coastal town, Essaouira, famous for its beaches, is surprisingly stroller friendly. 

The Netherlands
The Netherlands is a great destination for English-speakers. Orgias describes Amsterdam as, “walkable, offers lots of child-friendly museums and activities.”

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In general European cities are known for being walkable, making vacations with a travel-friendly umbrella stroller easier, and Netherlands’ cities are no exception.

The United Kingdom
The UK is another family-friendly European destination where English-speakers will feel comfortable, according to InsideHook. London has many hotels designed around families’ needs, and lots of fun, unique, and exciting day-trip opportunities as well. 

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Traveling with kids may have its ups and downs, but the rewards far outweigh the challenge, especially when the vacation is planned around the needs of the entire family. Every journey is an opportunity for bonding, learning, and growth.  Happy travels!

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