A London Hairdresser Who Gives Free Cuts on the Streets

Good Doer Profile: Joshua Coombes spends his free time doing good - and spreading the message with the #DoSomethingForNothing movement.

(Soloviov Vadym / Shutterstock.com)

Joshua Coombes, a 29 year-old Londoner and trained hairdresser, spends most of his days coiffing clients in a salon. After hours and on his days off, he takes to the streets to give free haircuts to the homeless. Similar to New York-based hairdresser Mark Bustos, what started off as sharing stories, morphed into a shave and a cut with a post on Coombes’ Instagram profile, giving a name, background and humbling perspective to all of his newfound acquaintances.

But there's more. Last year, Coombes decided to take it another step further and encourage others to use their free time and their skills to help those in need. He started the #DoSomethingForNothing movement, which has since gained international press and a massive following. The idea bloomed from a hashtag to a global movement at a ripe time - when people all over the world are seeking ways to do good, make a difference and pay it forward.

Coombes continues to give haircuts to the homeless, and documents his sessions with his friend and documentary photographer Matt Spracklen. And while there has been an uproarious response, with people contacting Coombes from all corners of the globe, his favorite part still remains the same: the reaction he gets in the moment he offers them a mirror to see themselves all cleaned up.

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