The Michigan Baker Who Feeds Croissants to the Homeless

Good Doer Profile: Santa Claus is to toys as Heather Tocco is to baked goods. The owner of Home Bakery, Heather delivers her treats to those in need.


Good Doer Heather Tocco

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Home Bakery in Rochester, Michigan has been serving the local community and surrounding area for the last 85 years. Situated in the oldest commercial building in the county, built in 1849, the famed bakery is almost a permanent fixture in this small city of metropolitan Detroit.

Home Bakery is dedicated to giving back to the community they’ve always called home - which is why owner Heather Tocco spends her free time delivering donated baked goods to nearby centers that feed the homeless and less fortunate. From donuts and croissants, to breads and cakes, Heather spares no expense when it comes to spreading the love, goodness, and, of course, the deliciousness to those in need.

Heather Tocco and Home Bakery also participated in 2015 Good Deeds Day, providing baked goods for Grace Center of Hope and the Baldwin Center that both feed underserved populations in the area.

This Good Doer Profile was produced in collaboration with Goodnet partner Good Deeds Day - celebrating everyday people that make every day Good Deeds Day. 

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