Make Your City a Little Happier With This Cool Project

Making people smile was never as easy as with The Compliment Project


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All across the United States, people with a keen eye for the little things, have been privy to enjoy a wonderfully creative random act of kindness thanks to one San Francisco woman who started the trend in early November.

Wanting to help to bring more love into the world, Anna Sergeeva came up with The Compliment Project and hit the streets of San Francisco to leave printed out compliments in random places around the city. Anyone who wants to participate in this awesome trend can simply print out one of the many templates from Sergeeva’s website.

Sergeeva stresses that she’s not making any money off the project and just wants to help spread happiness and positivity. “I can’t change the course of the world, but I think just being to get out there and do something small, do something positive and see how it can grow is really fulfilling,” she said.

The posters are available in a number of different languages featuring sentences such as “You light up the room,” “You're like sunshine on a cloudy day,” “Our world is better because you’re in it,” and “Your smile is beautiful.” and what started as a small-scale local idea has already spread around the globe with people sharing pictures of the compliments with #TheComplimentProject on social media.

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