You Answered: The Best Compliments to Give and Get

Goodnet crowdsourced Facebook users on the best compliments they’ve ever received or given to others. These are the results.

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Showing others you appreciate, value and respect them can spread a lot of positive energy. (Syda Productions /

Compliments are of huge importance for human beings. As social animals, esteem and affirmation in the eyes of our peers can be a powerful motivator - so much so that research shows compliments can boost employee performance, possibly as much as cash incentives. This is especially true of compliments that express appreciation for actions, personal qualities and abilities. 

So, which comments have the strongest warm and fuzzy power? To find out, we turned to the Goodnet and Good Deeds Day Facebook communities to tell us about the best compliments they’ve ever given or gotten. These are the results. 

Your presence makes my days brighter and go by faster.

Several users shared compliments that let them know that they had a positive impact on other people’s lives. If you have someone who is a ray of sunshine in your life, be sure to tell them that they brighten your days. It means a lot.

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Tell those who impact you positively that they brighten up your days. (lovelyday12 /

You are really inspirational.

Do you have someone who you look up to, a role model or an important influence? Tell them that they inspire you. Several users mentioned being told that they were inspirational and influential as one of the greatest compliments they’d ever received.

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Show appreciation whenver you can, however you can. (zieusin /

I trust you and value you.

One user said that the best compliment he’d ever received was being told, “I would trust you with my life.” This compliment conveys confidence and the belief in someone’s abilities, consistency and competence. In a rapidly changing, busy world, this is a meaningful expression of respect, praise and appreciation. If you have someone in your life who is always there for you, tell them how dependable and trustworthy you find them, and more importantly, how much this quality means to you.

You raised good children.

The majority of compliments users listed were on parenthood - everything from, “You’re a good mommy” to “You’re doing an awesome job raising your grandson.” This makes sense: parenthood can be a stressful enterprise, and all parents - new and veteran alike - need a little reassurance that they’re on the right track. One way to do this is to compliment the children themselves, similar to one user’s comment - “you raised good children.” Another way is to tell the parent in question that you think they’re a phenomenal dad, mom, grandparent or otherwise.

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All parents need to hear that they're doing just fine. (Upsplash)

You’re doing a great job.

The second most frequent compliment type users listed concerned work. One user mentioned making it a point to say, “You’re doing a good job” to everyone she saw, “the busy waitress, the cashier with the long line, the teenager trying to make change… we all need to feel our efforts are recognized and appreciated.” Another user said she makes sure to tell people in the service industry, "I hope your company values you as a representative and employee because your customer service skills and manner are awesome."

Other users noted how much it meant to them to receive positive feedback about their work and performance, especially from authority figures. One nurse recalled being told, “You are the best labor and delivery nurse I’ve ever worked with” from the director of her department. Another man mentioned a professional soccer player telling him, “I was the best full back he’d ever played with.”

The bottom line is this: if you are in a position of authority, when you see hard work or skill - make sure to tell that person. If you are a customer or patron, make sure to tell those serving you that they’re doing awesome work. It goes a long way.

And a few others noteworthy compliments

Facebook users mentioned many great compliment ideas that didn’t fit into any particular category - but would still make anyone’s day. These included, “You give great hugs,” “No one can compare to you,” “The people in your life are lucky to have you,” and “You’re a good person.”