Meat Substitutes Are on the Rise in Europe

Healthier for you, healthier for the environment


Veggie-Steak with baked potatoes and tomatoes

Veggie-Steak with baked potatoes and tomatoes (Martin Rettenberger /

Good news for vegans, vegetarians, and those looking to cut down on their meat consumption: meat alternatives are gaining popularity around Europe.

Researchers working in the TRansition paths to sUstainable legume based systems in Europe (TRUE) released a new report that found that bean, lentils, soybean, and other legume-based products have risen in popularity by 39%, while vegan products rose 196%.

The study also found that more and more people are investing in ethical consumerism and looking for products that reduce their carbon footprint.

And even for those who love meat, this is a positive change in the long run.

Filling up on legumes can help lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and can help save shoppers money.

Plant based proteins are cheaper and require less energy to produce than meat.

Throughout Europe, citizens have been eating less meat overall, a move that benefits both the environment and the human body.

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