Miley Cyrus’ Nonprofit is Helping Teens Across the USA

Using her fame for good, Miley Cyrus' Happy Hippie Foundation aids homeless and LGBTQ youth in need.

Trans youth.

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Jumping to fame as the singing Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel, Miley Cyrus has since grown up into her very own. While most people are familiar with her more outrageous stage antics, behind the scenes Cyrus has found another calling: helping homeless and LGBTQ youth in need. Through her nonprofit, The Happy Hippie Foundation, Cyrus aims to provide funds and programming through consistent support services, education and employment opportunities. The Foundation also focuses on public education to engage youth on a global level through fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Cyrus started to raise awareness for the cause when she attended the 2014 MTV awards show with a young homeless man named Jesse Helt. He accepted her award on Cyrus’ behalf with an acceptance speech that drew attention to the plight of American homeless runaways and youth.

While only founded in May 2015, the Happy Hippie Foundation’s already making a name for itself and is raising money for their newest project: digital support groups for gender expansive and LGBT youth. The Happy Hippie Support Groups are looking to provide a personal, moderated and safe zone where young people can access information and help as well as connect with other youth. The idea behind it is to aid folks who do not have access to physical support groups in their area or for those who do not feel comfortable or safe attending local support groups.

In line with some of her famous contemporaries, Miley Cyrus is using her star power to improve the lives of young people in need, so that they may shine with pride and independence.

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