Minneapolis Shelter Pets Are Home For The Holidays

The municipal pet shelter promotion rehomes all adoptable animals


(New Africa / Shutterstock.com)

A miracle on 17th (avenue) street! The animals once residing at the Minneapolis Animal Care & Control will have a ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ this year. 

Earlier this month, the City of Minneapolis’s twitter account shared a photo of a sign reading: “All Adoptable Animals Have Been Adopted, no animals available." The pets included dogs, cats and even fluffy rabbits

"The shelter is clear! Dozens of dogs, cats, and small critters found new homes today during our Clear the Shelter event. Thanks to our staff, volunteers, and adopters for making it happen,” the city tweeted.

In a Facebook post, the shelter explained that their Clear The Shelter event on November 22, 2019 –  where they waived adoption fees ranging from 50-$250 – was extremely successful. 

The social media accounts may have contributed to the success. That’s because the city intersperses relevant city news with tweets or posts that  introduce the shelter’s sweet residents, that include a short description of their personality, background, and a cute photo. It’s no wonder so many Minnesotans eagerly planned their day around the shelter to take home a new family member. 

The shelter described what a huge success the Clear The Shelter response was: “MACC had around 300 Minnesotans show up to stand in 30-degree weather to wait in line to adopt an animal today. Most animals had multiple applicants.”

There were lines out the door as the one-day event promised an ’early bird gets the worm’ approach to those who came out, and in the case that multiple adopters wanted the same pet, the shelter ran a lottery for a fair outcome. Staff thanked everyone who attended and spread some needed holiday spirit for the cuddly animals in need of a home.

The shelter's Facebook post also asked people to post pictures of their new pets at home and many people responded.

One woman posted, "This is Talula! I adopted her at this event!...I am absolutely in love! She is 13 years old and such a sweet affectionate girl!! She may only have a few years left but I promised her she will have her best years ahead.

Another post read, "Adopted Sabrina (orange kitty) from MACC earlier in the week and she has quickly adjusted to her new home. We love her."

Though the heartwarming news means all animals that could be rehomed found a home this season, plenty are still in need of fostering, especially in shelters nationwide.

Each year, around 6.5 million animals find themselves in shelters, according to the ASPCA, while approximately 3.2 million shelter animals get adopted per year. It’s especially rare that all animals find homes within a short period of time.

It’s not often we read about an entire shelter that empties for the best reason. Happy holidays for everyone and may these furry friends have a future that’s merry and bright!

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