The Movement to Bring Pianos to the People

Piano! Push Play! rescues pianos and puts them in public spaces for virtuosos and novices alike to play.

Dec 30, 2014
A man playing piano on a free public piano provided by the organization Piano! Push Play!

A Piano! Push Play! piano that invites anyone to tap out a tune. [Image from Piano! Push Play! Facebook]

The sound of piano music drifting through the air is enough to make most of us stop in our tracks and smile. Piano! Push Play! is on a mission to expose more people to the pleasures of live music, and give anyone with a bit of talent the freedom to tap out some tunes on the ivory keys.
Based in Portland, Oregon, the organization rescues old pianos, refurbishes them and places them in public spaces, schools and community centers. The free access to this powerful musical instrument allows virtuosos and novices alike to experience the joy of making music in a public space. The initiative also works with young gifted pianists who are able to share their talent and hard work by performing on the fly in public - giving folks the chance to relish in a cultural experience without buying expensive season tickets.
Piano! Push Play! came out with a compilation CD that features their roster of young pianists. All of the CD’s  sales go directly to support their work of making pianos accessible and giving anyone the opportunity express themselves by making beautiful music.

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