The Vending Machine That Rewards Talent [VIDEO]

Gifted and creative piano skills are the ticket to receiving a free drink in this ad

Nov 2, 2014

Who doesn’t love a bit of music as they walk down the street? That was the idea behind this initiative by Georgian water company Borjomi, which set out to give passersby in the Ukrainian city of L’viv a musical experience provided by fellow strangers. Borjomi constructed an alternative vending machine comprised of a piano that distributed a free bottle of water when successfully played.

Curious pedestrians gauged the mysterious machine, and then put their hands to the test to see if their sheer ability warranted them a refreshing treat. The initiative was a joint effort between Borjomi and the Banda Agency in honor of the Alfa Jazz Festival that was held during the summer. Talent and skill were the name of the game as the machine only awarded water to those who could keep a tune. 

The best part of the Borjomi ad is how it shows total strangers coming together to root one another on, and enjoy a musical interlude as they continued on with their errands. The musical vending machine is similar to other initiatives like Coke’s Hug Me Machine and the ATM that grants wishes. These stationary objects that facilitate transactions are creatively being repurposed to bring people together or to brighten one’s day – we look forward to seeing more. 

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