The Music of Olivia Frances Shines on World Kindness Day

It just takes one smile!

Nov 12, 2020
The Music of Olivia Frances Shines on World Kindness Day | It just takes one smile!

A smile can feel as bright and warming as the sun. Such warmth is beautifully generated in the chorus of a song by Olivia Frances, “It just takes one smile to brighten someone’s day.” Frances is releasing a lyric video of the song called “It Just Takes One” for World Kindness Day on November 13, 2020.

Olivia Frances is an award-winning pop-folk artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her upbeat, cheerful, and positive music brings a smile to her listeners’ faces.

Asked about her inspiration behind this sweet song, Frances told Goodnet, “I believe that kindness makes the world go around and the world needs more kindness right now. ‘It Just Takes One’ is a reminder that each of us can be the light and make a difference in someone's day. One smile, one compliment, or one kind gesture really does go a long way.”

Frances’ lyrics celebrate being kind to yourself and to others. She said one of her best-loved songs is “Flowers for Myself” from her recent album Orchid. Frances told Goodnet, “It’s one of my favorite songs since it's about self-love; it's so important to love to yourself and do what makes you happy instead of waiting on someone else to do so!” 

All of these small acts of caring and kindness are what makes the world a shining place. Have a listen and enjoy. Her songs can brighten your day, for you are sure to smile along!
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