Musicians Get Under the Covers to Play for Sick Children

Making music in bed for the kids who can't leave theirs


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Bedstock is one of those ideas you hear about that is so genius you instantly want to be a part of it. It is one of the surest examples of the good things that are happening in the world: Harmonizing music and technology with dedicated tributes to ailing children on extended hospital stays. The music is reciprocated on both sides, and while famous musicians (bedhead and all) are rocking out from under their blankets, on the "Kids Stage", little musicians play their favorite songs from their hospital beds, including Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and Pharell's Happy.

The online festival, which is part of the flagship program, MyMusicRx, takes place through videos uploaded to the platform, including the Music Stage and Writers Stage - where well-known writers, illustrators, and graphic novelists read from beloved books by Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak in a mellower take on the festival. Anyone who has ever had to have an extended hospital visit, being out of one's comfort zone and in a sterile environment like a hospital room no less, is not the most enjoyable experience there is.

But music has a way of making things feel right, and Bedstock is the perfect format to relieve some of the pain, anxieties, and uneasiness associated with hospital stays. On the sound stages, famous musicians choose songs to play from their very own beds. From the soulful Norah Jones strumming on her guitar in a bunk bed, singing a sweet ditty about raining tacos, to the chill vibes of Jack Johnson singing Upside Down in a sleeping bag outside, the songs chosen are at once therapeutic and touching.

Each video is very personalized to the musicians and bands and feature a wide range of musical styles, instruments and energy. Con Bro Chill kick off their video exclaiming "Just cause you're stuck in bed doesn't mean you can't party in bed," and the declaration is just the beginning of a rowdy performance of their hit We Should Hang Out, fit with neon costumed theatrics and a psychedelic pillow party. The Uncluded lyrics to Jambi Cafe "I feel weak, but I am trying to prove to myself that I am strong" hit home, and Jasmine Thompson's haunting and melodic version of You Are My Sunshine will have viewers feeling all the feels, as does Valerie June's Astral Plane - a twangy, lyrically inspirational gem.

The no frills concept is a welcome departure from today's overwhelming music videos and Bedstock's pjs, cozy blankets, and singalongs are as comforting as they sound.

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