New Vegan Milk Is Made From Potatoes

Enjoy this tasty plant-based trend.

A glass of healthy potato milk is placed beside sustainable potatoes.

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There is a new trend in the world of plant-based milks. Healthy, humble, and hearty, potato milk is now on the shelves in Sweden! This may sound a bit unusual, but vegan potato milk has a lot to offer, and you can even make it at home.

We associate potatoes with being baked, roasted, fried, and mashed, not poured onto a bowl of cereal! However, the Swedish company that is manufacturing DUG is labeling it as “genius.”

Spuds are super sustainable
Unlike standard plant-based milks such as rice, almond, oat, and soy, potato milk is more environmentally sound, according to TODAY. This is because potatoes flourish on less land and water. They are also inexpensive to grow and buy, and are available year round.

In fact, according to DUG, potatoes need 56 times less water to grow than almonds, resulting in water conservation. They are also twice as land efficient as oats; when it comes to using space, one hectare of land (approximately 2.5 acres) yields more than a quarter million portions of food.

All in all, the humble spud has a 75 percent lower carbon footprint, so for those who are conscientious about sustainability, potatoes are a good choice.

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Aside from their super sustainability, potatoes are a very healthy food. They have as many antioxidants as blueberries, according to DUG, and are a perfect combination of minerals, fiber, vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates. 

In fact, this underground tuber also has high amounts of the sunshine vitamin; 100 grams of potatoes offers one third of the daily vitamin C requirement. The only important vitamins you will not find in a potato are vitamins A and D. And if you are concerned about the glycemic index (GI) of potatoes, an interesting fact is that when they are cooled down in the form of potato milk, the GI is reduced.

Versatile and vegan
Spud milk is also creamy, delicious, and versatile. Use it as a milk substitute on cereal or for baking. DUG even offers a Barista version that makes a frothy cappuccino. You can also use potato milk in creamy, savory dishes such as vegan macaroni and cheese, as suggested on Cook Gem. It is also an ideal solution for those with food sensitivities like allergies to soy, nuts, gluten, and wheat.

DUG is available on the shelf in Sweden and can be shipped to Europe and the UK, however, you can also make your own at home. 

TODAY offers a tried and true recipe that blends mashed potatoes with water, vanilla, almonds, and maple syrup. They suggest adding pea protein or almond flour to achieve even better results.

Potatoes have been around for 7,000 years, originating in South America, according to DUG, so give these ancient spuds the respect they deserve! Trendy potato milk is a perfect “mash,” proving to be good for the body, the farmland, and our precious water resources.

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