New York’s First Urban Greenhouse Will Make You Go 'WOW'

Gotham Greens grows eco-conscious and affordable urban produce

Roof garden.

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Trees aren’t the only things growing in Brooklyn. A new project has sprouted as well: New York’s first greenhouse facility, Gotham Greens. This rooftop greenhouse paradise produces 80 tons of premium pesticide-free produce all year round, catering to local supermarkets, restaurants and markets.

Gotham Greens is dedicated to sustainable growing practices, such as hydroponics - growing plants in liquid mineral nutrient solutions and without soil. This method is eco-conscious because it conserves water, eliminates the use of chemical pesticides and allows farming to flourish in any season.

Co-founders Vijay Puri and Eric Haley are committed to using state of the art agricultural techniques to provide fresh, delicious and affordable local produce to their fellow urbanites.

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