The Next Wine You Drink Might Be Made From Food Waste

Zero waste, 100 percent taste


Wine being poured into wine glasses

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For many people, enjoying a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day or with a tasty meal is one of life's little pleasures. And for all those green-minded wine lovers out there, this new drink might just be the perfect one.

Researchers at the National University of Singapore found a way to turn tofu whey, a liquid waste product generated from the tofu manufacturing process, into an alcoholic beverage.

They have named this unique beverage Sachi (咲智), a Japanese name which means the blossoming of flowers and wisdom.

Just as winemakers do with grapes, they utilized yeast to ferment the tofu whey and turn it into a tasty and flavourful alcoholic product without the addition of artificial flavourings.

If we got you all excited about Sachi, you'll still have to be patient as there's no word on when the drink will become available. The process of making Sachi takes a lot of time and storing the drink requires substantial resources, so it might not (yet) be feasible to produce in large quantities.

The team is currently working on fine-tuning the flavor of the drink to include more fruity and floral notes and even succeeded in finding a "no-waste" procedure to make the soy wine, meaning that all resources are fully used and no waste is produced during the manufacturing process.

Here's to the first 100 percent sustainable drink.

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