Wine as a Catalyst for Change

Half of ONEHOPE's proceeds go to social causes

Red wine.

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A glass of wine can be as meaningful as it is delicious. That is the premise of ONEHOPE, the California based wine company that donates 50% of its business proceeds to charity.
The company was started by eight close friends who were inspired to make a difference after a friend was diagnosed with cancer. Intent on creating a quality product that gives back, ONEHOPE has raised over a million dollars for various social causes, ranging from the environment to supporting children with disabilities.  
ONEHOPE has also made a grand appearance on the red carpet, highlighting as the featured wine for events such as the Grammy’s, Sundance Film Festival and VHI Save the Music. The socially conscious wine is available at select restaurants and stores throughout the United States or can be purchased online. ONEHOPE has also branched into coffee, offering their social impact coffee that follows the same business model by donating half of its proceeds to charities. [Source: ONEHOPE]

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