The Nonprofit that is Putting a Book in the Hands of Every Child in America

Distributing free books gives every youngster the chance to experience the joy of reading

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Did you know that nearly two-thirds of low-income American families do not own any books for their children? Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) wants to change this alarming figure by giving every child in the country the chance to explore the joy of reading.
Thanks to a dedicated team of more than 400,000 volunteers, the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States inspires children to be lifelong readers by delivering free books to those who need them most. Instead of simply distributing books, volunteers give these young minds the power to choose by holding fun activities that encourage the kids to delve into the world of literature and explore what interests them the most.
RIF knows that children sometimes need a helping hand when it comes to literacy. That's where the various programs to empower parents and childcare staff come in as a way of building support and giving children that extra push.

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