Not Your Average Waltz: Dancing on the Walls of City Hall [VIDEO]

GoPro captures the vertical choreographic feats of these stunning dancing daredevils

Sep 30, 2014

No, you don't need to adjust your screen; these two talented dancers are taking their choreography skills to new heights in this impressive video. Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber are the dancing daredevils who performed on top of California’s Oakland City Hall for the Art + Soul festival. Their style of dance is known as BANDALOOP and combines graceful choreography, physical feats and climbing. Founded by Ruduloph, BANDALOOP has been staged on skyscrapers, bridges, cliffs and billboards turning the dance floor on its side. Fear of heights does not enter the equation as the performers gracefully leap, prance and seamlessly float in the air as soothing classical music plays in the background. The duo documented their stunning moves using the all popular GoPro camera that captures fascinating and extreme experiences up-close and personal. The creativity, grace and redefinition of performance setting is a sight to behold and a welcome addition to amazing dance routines performed in the most random of places.

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