Now Gracing the Cover of British Vogue: Real [Role] Models!

Let’s hear it for the essential worker cover stars.

Jun 11, 2020
Now Gracing the Cover of British Vogue: Real [Role] Models! | Let’s hear it for the essential worker cover stars.

Edward Enninful, the trailblazing editor of British Vogue has even outdone himself this time! He’s proclaimed that caring is in fashion in the July 2020 issue of the style bible he directs. He’s clapping for women keeping the world afloat through the pandemic as essential workers by giving them the highest accolade his magazine can offer; transforming them into Vogue cover stars!

Explaining his decision to spotlight three inspiring “everyday heroes” as he calls them, Enninful insightfully says in an article in the glossy magazine that:

“Our heroes today are different. There has been a shift in who we look up to and admire, and these people need to be celebrated. They were always heroes, doing their jobs to keep this country on its feet – but they are also normal people. There is such a beauty in normality, but it’s taken an international crisis for us to see it.”

As Enninful reveals, he found himself pondering what “the new front-line” means. He realized that aside from health workers, there are the public transportation workers and shopworkers who continue helping others even though this often means distancing themselves from their loved ones. He felt moved to document this historical moment in a way that also paid tribute to these essential workers (or key workers as Brits call them!), keeping the UK going through it all.

The three women that he selected for the British Vogue covers, he believes, “all possess an intimate sort of grace  – they make you feel safe in their hands.” For this issue, the women, all of whom work in the UK's capital city, told Vogue about some of their reactions to the pandemic, the need for people to shelter in place and about the impact of their work on their daily lives.

They are Narguis Horsford, the dignified and eloquent train driver: “I’m very proud to be a key worker because I feel like I’m actually doing my part, ‘cos I have to get key workers to work,” she says. She salutes the “tremendous amount of community spirit, acts of kindness and unity throughout this pandemic.”

Then there’s community midwife, Rachel Miller, cycling between homes and clinics to support pregnant women and new mothers during the pandemic, She thrives working with the diversity of people she helps in Hackney, East London: “I just love being with the women at that really special time in their lives!” she says.

And Anisa Omar, the supermarket worker and business student who reflects on the meaning she finds in her work and the value of a smile: “Before the pandemic, my job was not really that big a deal, but now it's like we're important. It's nice," she says.

Photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, took the images of the trio over ten days, and told CNN that the brief was "truly one of the most meaningful projects I have been fortunate to be part of."

As Enninful emphasizes, these three workers are part of a broader community of care that he feels is a tangible fact of life in the current moment: “I hope that the new mood of community that is filling our streets, our villages, our cities, is the beginning of something.” He declares.

And judging by the response from members of the public around the world to British Vogue tweets, they are celebrating alongside Enninfel, that style and culture is chiming with the caring zeitgeist.

“British Vogue elevates itself in every upcoming issue, it has become more than just a glossy fashion magazine” responds tako. “Probably one of the most powerful Vogue covers I've seen. Thank you Edward Enninful for this, so beautiful!” shares Céline.

And this editor dreams that this newfound goodness that he’s striving to reflect with this very different magazine issue, will become a lasting fact of life: “I hope that this cover symbolizes a new era of community and care for each other. This is how we’re going to live now.”

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