Now You Can Travel the World, Volunteer and Write - For Free

A new scholarship with the International Volunteer Headquarters brings volunteering and technology to the forefront.


(Amlan Mathur /

Gone are the days of volunteering on a whim while travelling to far flung locales. Although the simplicity of such circumstances was once the ubiquitous summer college experience, the new frontier is tech-savvy and documentable in a whole new way. The International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ) now offers a scholarship that enables students to take part in meaningful volunteering experiences, while contributing to local communities and writing about their personal journeys on the IVHQ blog.

The diary-esque posts will offer insight, advice and thoughtful tips to future volunteer travelers, and become a resource for those looking to embark on their own adventures. Insider tips on traveling different countries and how to live like a local, how volunteering can impact one's future career , and inspirational stories are all invaluable tools to pass along.

This scholarship not only helps individuals realize their own desired travels, it also serves the global community of volunteers looking to make the most of their own future experiences. From contributing to wild elephant conservation in Sri Lanka to reconstructing developing buildings and facilities in Peru, the Travel Blogger Scholarship sponsors a two-week program to volunteer in the destination of your choice of 32 countries, including generous travel vouchers. The opportunities and writing about them are literally at your fingertips.

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