Online Book Clubs are a Thought Provoking New Trend

Join a virtual book club to “travel” the world from your comfy, cozy couch.


Online Book Clubs are a Thought Provoking New Trend | Join a virtual book club to “travel” the world from your comfy, cozy couch.

These days, people are looking for ways to dream about different realities while staying at home. Today, many activities are on hold and the daily rhythm of life is now slower. As a result, joining a virtual book club is a growing and popular answer to connecting with others, learning, as well as staying positive and healthy.

Literature has always encouraged enriching conversations as well as human, intellectual, and emotional interactions. Thanks to the possibilities of the internet, reading habits have drastically shifted and it’s no surprise online book clubs are becoming a big thing. 

These collective gatherings have transformed an individual activity into a pleasant social experience, building powerful communities even in times when physical contact is limited. While some groups were originally created in the online world, others have recently migrated there by using platforms such as Zoom, Twitter, and Instagram.

Reading is really good for your health and is a proven stress reducer. It slows down the heart rate and eases tension in the muscles, even more than listening to music or going for a walk! In a few words, getting lost in a book can truly help us escape from our everyday concerns.  But there’s more. Access to social activities such as book clubs can also improve people’s mental and physical health. 

Research by The Reading Agency found out that book club members felt they received support and friendship from their group, with 95 percent saying being a member made them feel happy. One can conclude then, that in groups where members share common interests and promote communication between individuals, people feel less isolated.

Which types of books seem perfect for discussion at this particular moment? Books which inspire resilience, positivity, and learning through challenging events can be really helpful to keep readers going. There are countless stories of hardship where there’s also hope and optimism, and a group debate around such topics can be a great way to give and get mutual support.

On the other hand, adventure books, where characters travel beyond the possibilities of the present physical confinement, can take one to a different time and place, helping to disconnect from this challenging reality. Who wouldn’t enjoy daydreaming about being in interesting places and situations other than on one’s couch? 

In spite of the lockdowns many are experiencing, new online book clubs are rapidly growing. These virtual clubs are flourishing as a natural response to human beings' need for social interaction. And when people chat about literature, they can share a common experience as well as hold on to normality. 

If you haven’t joined a book club yet, there’s no better time to start! More likely than not, you’ll learn a lot, make new friends from new places, and relax. 

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