The Only Tree in Las Vegas that Doubles as a DJ [VIDEO]

The innovative Listening Tree installation is part of an initiative to revitalize downtown Las Vegas

Sep 12, 2014

Trees are one of nature’s greatest gifts, providing clean air, shade, fruit and now music. Called the Listening Tree, this permanent installation has 15 sets of headphones attached to its branches, continuously playing all different types of music. Are you in the mood for a little polka, or how about some Biggie Smalls? Visitors at the Bunkhouse Saloon in Las Vegas can embark on a musical journey as the brightly lit tree serves as the DJ for the evening.  
The Listening Tree, created by artist George Ziadis, is part of a larger initiative known as the Downtown Project which is revitalizing the downtown area of Las Vegas. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh spearheads the endeavor, which is looking to transform the downtown area into a community-focused city. With a budget of $350 million, the Downtown Project is investing in real estate development, education, tech startups and small businesses. Taking the focus away from strip malls and casinos, the ingenious Listening Tree is one of many projects that are inserting inspiration, creativity and innovation into downtown Las Vegas.

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