Pathways to Spiritual Growth in 2023

New Year’s Resolutions to help you live your best life.


With the new year just around the corner, now is the time to formulate your new year’s resolutions for 2023. But while you are thinking about the changes you would like to make, why not take it to a deeper level and consider making resolutions that will help you unlock your spiritual potential and will guide you to living your best life. Here are some ideas to launch your soul on a pathway to spiritual growth.

Clear a path for spiritual growth
Spirituality and Practice offers some suggestions for spiritually inclined resolutions including committing to living in the present moment, cultivating the art of making connections, expressing gratitude for blessings, deepening listening skills, and seeking justice for all. Most importantly they recommend embracing the idea of accepting ourselves as we are and not wasting our energies on trying to deny or escape from our imperfections.
One of the best shortcuts to becoming spiritually charged is through cultivating and strengthening real life connections, Zee News points out. There is great power in the joy and fulfillment that genuine engagement with friends and family provides. Make this a year of personal development and purpose, and resolve to do something that inspires your creativity and purpose.

Focus on physical and emotional health
Physical and mental health are also areas where many people would like to see change for the coming year. According to Zee News many New Year’s resolutions focus on being conscious of our physical well being and making a commitment to improving self care through eating healthy, making sure to hydrate, getting proper sleep and incorporating movement into our lives. The same is true regarding emotional health, directing our energies towards self-development, building skills for relationships and work-life balance. 

Commit to meditation
Another wonderful spiritual resolution is to decide to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. The Hans India reports that meditation builds focus and discipline that will be the key to helping us achieve our goals and stick to the resolutions we have set for ourselves. They also urge people to maintain their optimism which can make all the difference in terms of providing encouragement to work hard and move in the direction of our goals. 

A great start for those who want to get into the world of meditation would be to incorporate the Aarambh Dhyan practice into their regular routine. The word "arambh" means "to start" or "to begin." This is a great meditation to do before you begin something new. For example, if you would like to invite growth in your career you can visualize yourself succeeding in your professional life, including actually imagining yourself at your workstation achieving your goals and manifesting the success that will follow. 

"Being intentional is not just about setting goals or resolutions. It’s about approaching our dreams, desires, goals with the kind of energy that not only propels us forward but also enables us to sustain it. Most of the time our New Year goals and resolutions fizzle out because the energy behind those is that of insecurity and fear. We fear the negative things that will happen if our goals aren’t met and resolutions aren’t fulfilled," Damini Grover, Dehli based Author and founder counselor told Zee News.

Whatever path you choose, it is wise to start off the new year by being mindful of all the challenges you have already overcome and be grateful for all the blessings in your life. The best part of the new year is that it is a clean slate and your thoughts, actions and attitude will help you navigate your life as you go forward. 

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