Pilot Writes to Tooth Fairy After Girl Loses Tooth on Airplane

The tale of the lost tooth.

Jul 13, 2022
Pilot Writes to Tooth Fairy After Girl Loses Tooth on Airplane | The tale of the lost tooth.

Do you remember how exciting it was to lose a tooth and to put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy? You are far from alone. This folklore is a long tradition in Western cultures that has stood the test of time.

That’s why when six-year-old Lena lost her tooth on a recent flight from New York to South Carolina and couldn’t find it, she was heartbroken that she had nothing to put under her pillow for the tooth fairy, according to Good Morning America. But a kind pilot stepped up to make sure the tooth fairy didn’t pass her by.

The tale of the lost tooth
Lena’s family was traveling home to Lexington, South Carolina from Norway on June 17, 2022 and had already been through two long delays when they boarded the final flight in their long journey. The last thing she expected was to lose one of her bottom teeth on the plane.

“I was sleeping on the airplane. My mom woke me up … and we were going to go pick our suitcases up. And I said, ‘Mommy, mommy, I think my tooth fell out,’” Lena told  Good Morning America.

Even though it was 2 am. Lena and her mother Lauren Larmon tried to walk back to the airplane to look for the tooth but the security gate was closed. At this point Lena was very emotional and crying. But every folktale has a hero and this one actually wears wings.

Captain Josh to the rescue
Seeing how upset Lena was, United Airlines pilot Josh Duchow stepped up to help the young girl, reported PEOPLE. He offered to write a note to the tooth fairy to explain the unexpected situation. This calmed the tearful girl.

He wrote: “Dear Tooth Fairy, Lena had a tooth fall out on her flight to Greenville. Please take this note in place of her tooth.” He signed it Captain Josh.

Larmon thanked Duchow and United Airlines in a series of posts to her social media accounts writing: “In a world full of bad airline stories, @united came through when Lena fell asleep on her flight home and woke up without a tooth. Very concerned that The Tooth Fairy would not show up because the tooth is somewhere on the airplane, the pilot saw Lena trying to go back through security to get her tooth and helped her out. Thank you, Captain Josh! I'm sure the Tooth Fairy will accept this note in lieu of a tiny tooth. ✈️”

Good Morning America reported that according to Larmon, not only did the tooth fairy accept the note, she wrote back. The note said: “Lena, it is OK that you have lost your tooth on the airplane. I will get it. Keep brushing.”

Lena’s message for the tooth fairy is, “Thank you for not being mad at me. And thank you for all my gifts when I lost my teeth. I love you.”

And she has special thanks for her unexpected hero too. “Thank you to Captain Josh for stepping in and helping me. You were very nice to me and thank you for being nice to me,” Lena said.

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