The Popularity of Vegan Dairy Alternatives Is Rapidly Rising

Consumer awareness regarding the environmental and health benefits of dairy-free alternatives are contributing to the steady growth.

Sep 30, 2018
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The demand for milk substitutes has skyrocketed over the past decade, and that is something to celebrate! The market for dairy alternatives was estimated at $10.23 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $20 billion in the next 5 years.

Today, there are also many different types of plant-based milk to chose from! Between soy rice, oat, almond milk (and many more) it's easier than ever to find something to love.

Significant research shows that cow’s milk is bad for the environment, not especially healthy for human consumption, and causes unnecessary suffering to animals, which is why the trend towards to plant-based milk is such an incredible feat.

Recipes for homemade milk alternatives are also so easy to find, making a good plant-based milk even more accessible, affordable, and delicious. DIY-ing your vegan milk is also a great way to green this delicious treat since it reduces both waste and transport emissions.

Check out the video above for 5 easy plant-based milk recipes.

Tip: To be extra eco about your milk substitute (and to get the best bang for your buck) we recommend using ingredients that are local, seasonal, and low carbon intensive.

Keep in mind that your homemade milk alternative may have a shorter shelf life than the store-bought alternative, so drink up!

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