The Power of Meaningful Communication

Practical tips to enhance your relationships.


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The foundation of any happy and successful relationship is good communication. It deepens the bond between partners by fostering understanding and trust. However, developing this skill requires both work and a readiness to be open and vulnerable with one another. Here are some helpful tips to help you and your partner communicate more effectively and strengthen your relationship.

Cultivate active listening
According to Medium, a key component of good communication is listening. Giving your full attention to your partner and maintaining eye contact are examples of active listening. Refrain from asking questions or responding before they have completed speaking. To create a secure environment for real discussion, demonstrate empathy and affirm their feelings.

Be mindful of non-verbal communication
Communication is more than just the words that you speak, Forbes reports. A good amount of communication takes place in the non-verbal realm, including body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Be conscious of your own nonverbal cues and work to appropriately decipher those of your partner. When talking about delicate subjects, be open-minded and convey your feelings with a respectful tone of voice.

Practice empathy and understanding
According to mindbodygreen, empathy and understanding can go a long way in creating good communication. Seek to understand your partner's perspective and emotions, even when you disagree. Empathy allows you to connect on a deeper level and creates an atmosphere of mutual support. Engage with your partner without judgment and try to put yourself in their shoes. 

"Listen to what they're saying, and make sure that you understand it from their perspective. Do this before you start constructing your response. Your goal should be to really, truly understand why they're upset. That doesn't mean you agree with them, but you can see the situation through their eyes. Then you can proceed to communicate how you see it," licensed couples' counselor Jessa Zimmerman tells Mindbodygreen. 

Foster a safe space for open dialogue
Create a space where both parties feel comfortable sharing their feelings. Avoiding criticism, being defensive, or acting disrespectfully will promote open and honest dialogue. Rather than pointing fingers at one another, engage in active problem-solving by addressing problems jointly. According to Forbes, both partners should feel comfortable expressing concerns in a relationship and good communication can help you problem-solve. 

“Communication is what keeps couples on the same page and feeling like they are solving problems together rather than against one another. Good communicators use their skills to communicate their appreciation, love and respect. Good communication clarifies problems and creates closeness between partners, while poor communication intensifies issues and creates distance between partners,” Sarah Epstein, a marriage and family therapist, tells Forbes.

Schedule regular check-ins
Make time for regular check-ins to talk about your relationship's status. These purposeful discussions offer a chance to address issues, recognize achievements, and strengthen your emotional bond. 

Relationship communication can be improved with work, perseverance, and vulnerability. Learning how to speak with compassion and empathy can help you build a solid foundation of trust and understanding. Stay committed to the journey of open communcation, and you will find that your bond will grow stronger and deeper over time.

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