10 Tried and True Ways to Keep a Relationship Fresh

There are countless ways to make sure your relationship will be one for the ages - and not all of them are obvious.


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Finding the right person creates a special bond that helps two people grow into the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. While sharing time together brings people closer, it can also become routine and even boring after a while. That’s why it’s so important to make an effort to keep a relationship fresh and exciting even after many years.

Fit a date night into the routine

If you’re going to have a routine, make sure it includes a date night. Although it can seem a bit cliche, a study from the University of Virginia found that couples who dedicate a night each week to each other were 3.5 times more likely to feel “very happy” with their relationship.

Turn off your phone

Scrolling on Facebook or checking email can become second nature with so many devices laying around, but spending too much time on social media creates distance in a relationship. It can even increase the chance of divorce in married couples. So try disconnecting with your phone more often in order to reconnect with your partner.

Book a vacation together

What better way to break the monotony than going on a trip somewhere new? As it turns out, traveling together can strengthen a relationship and spark romance. A recent survey found that couples who travel together report higher levels of satisfaction in their relationship, communicate well, and have a better sex life. So don’t miss that next travel deal!

Set aside time for yourself

It might sound counterintuitive: spending time apart brings two people closer together. Actually, time alone gives each person the opportunity to explore their own interests and build a sense of autonomy. What’s so good about that, you ask? Couples with a stronger sense of themselves tend to have higher levels of sexual desire.

Try something new together

Keeping the spark in a relationship doesn’t have to get complicated. It can simply mean trying something new. This keeps things exciting and creates new memories with your partner. That can mean something simple like tasting food you never had before or more extreme like going skydiving.

Say “Thank You”

Sometimes we forget to tell the people how much we appreciate them, but a little gratitude can go a long way. Research conducted by the University of California Berkeley found that the more grateful couples were to each other, the more likely they will remain in their relationship.

Focus on the positive

All relationships have their ups and down. Rather than focusing on fixing the problems, studies show that couples who work on growing the good tend to have stronger and more satisfying relationships.

Go to bed together

Not all couples keep the same schedule, and as many as 75% do not go to bed together. However, bedtime gives an opportunity for cuddling and “pillow talk”. Researchers even found that couples who go to bed together tend to get along better, have more serious conversations, and more sex.

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