Recycle Your Old Phone into Cold Hard Cash

EcoATM kiosks recycle electronic devices

Old cell phones.

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How many old cell phones do you have at home, stored away "just in case"? A San Diego-based initiative called ecoATM is looking to turn that stash into cold hard cash, with automated kiosks that recycle unused phones and mp3 players.
The process is simple. A touch-screen test station examines your device, and makes you an offer based on a search of the international market. If you agree to sell, you get cash on the spot. And you're not the only one that benefits – the environment wins as well. Recycling devices rather than throwing them out with the regular trash prevents the release of toxic materials into the air - as projects just as e-stewards have shown us in the past. The super-mindful company also works closely with law enforcement, to help prevent fraud and theft of devices.  
And if all that good doing wasn't enough, the ecoATM also prompts you to donate money to a range of causes, before making your cash withdrawal. With so much good in one machine, we can't wait to see an ecoATM near us.

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