A Research-Based Site That Boosts Well-Being in 15 Mins

Greater Good in Action offers research-based, practical ways to increase happiness and make life more meaningful.

Jun 7, 2015

Practice kindness, gratitude, mindfulness and empathy with Greater Good in Action

If you’ve got five or 10 minutes to spare and are interested in boosting your personal well-being - and let’s face it, who isn’t - it might be worth popping over to Greater Good in Action. Grounded in scientific research that shows happiness, resilience and kindness can be developed over time, the newly-launched website presents exercises just that. They teach readers to boost their own well-being - often in less than 15 minutes.

The bright, happy site is easy to navigate, with practices broken down into categories including gratitude, mindfulness, and empathy. Along with frequency and duration - for example 10 minutes, once a day - each exercise is labeled by difficulty level, so users can customize their well-being experience.

Developed in conjunction with Hopelab, a health-focused organization that creates tech products to help people flourish, Greater Good in Action features dozens of exercises and is growing every day. With a host of websites and apps to increase happiness available across the digital realm, this platform presents a solid, research-based model that is both fun and meaningful to use and enjoy.

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