A Science-Based App That Amplifies Your Productivity

Brain Juice improves cognition levels and emotional well-being to help you perform – for work, sport or interpersonal relationships.

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Getting in the zone with Brain Juice (Shutterstock image)

Getting in the zone (Pheelings media / Shutterstock.com)

Have you ever had that amazing feeling of being completely absorbed in a task, like you're utilizing every last brain cell? It could be when you're working or studying, maybe during a run, or a deep conversation with your best friend – and it's likely when you produce your finest work, or connect best with the people around you. When you're totally in the zone.
Now, imagine if you could access that crisp concentration at will, every day. A new web app called Brain Juice wants to help you do just that, by tuning up your brain and improving cognition and focus levels. Combining the theories of coherent breathing and brainwave entrainment, Brain Juice accesses and "tunes" your subconscious using beta waves, and focuses your mind by guiding you to breathe deeply and rhythmically. The web app itself is incredibly simple. Just log onto the website, plug in some headphones, then sit back and listen to a 12-minute audio track. It's that easy, and it works.
Similar to various streams of meditation in that it calms and focuses your mind, this app gets you to a place where you can be at your most productive and also really enjoy it – perfect for the beginning of a long day at the office, or before a workout.  
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